Inside The Pitcher


One who speaks ill of me, exposes only their own vice
And virtuous is the one, who introduces me as ‘nice’
The state of a speaker, through their speech unfolds
The pitcher only provides from the contents that it holds Continue reading “Inside The Pitcher”

Defined by Our Thoughts


O brother, in reality, you are your thoughts alone
Everything else of you is only skeleton and bone

If your thoughts are of a rose, you are a rosebed
And if they are of thorns, you are fuel for a furnace instead


Whilst you yearn for minerals, to a mineral you succumb
Whilst you crave a piece of bread, bread is what you become

If you know this secret then you know this too
The thing that you search for is what makes you

~ Rumi (sections from two separate poems).



Leave my chest O sadness, for kindness of a friend approaches

You too, O heart, be away from me for the beloved nears

Leave O thankfulness, for this blessing is too great to be appreciated

And I wish not for patience, though at times it be useful

The doors and walls of this chest hold great deals of pain

The pain can not be contained within so it screams from the walls

– Rumi

“The poet is the priest of the invisible.”

Harm Not the Ant

Harm not the ant, its sustenance doth it seek

For it has life and life is pleasant and sweet

Do not force an oppressive hand upon the weak

For like the ant, one day, it may be you at another’s feet

– Ferdowsi

~ Translated by Hadi Rizvi


The poem is attributed to Ferdowsi by Sa’di in his Bustaan.

Not all oppression is carried out by governments, institutions, or groups.

Sometimes we overlook our oppression of those more vulnerable than ourselves.

We may at times be powerless to stop oppression overseas or on a large scale, but there are forms of oppression going o around us everyday, from within the house to the workplace and everywhere in between, that we can play a role in ending.


An Ode From the Divan of Sa’di

Were I to speak of the day’s sorrow
An unending story I would have to share
A life of a thousand years I’d need to borrow
So that one of a thousand stories you may bare
My eyes expose my inner state
I do not willingly reveal
A whole community would cry upon my fate
Hearing how a friend’s distance makes me feel
Towards me does no ones heart impart
So that I may speak about the grief of days
The story of Sa’di’s restless grieving heart
With restlessness my heart conveys
~ Sa’di
Translated by Hadi Rizvi