Self Aware


It is important for the sake of our own development that we differentiate between the different types of knowledge to which we are exposed. In our understanding of ourselves, and of the presenters of knowledge, an awareness of the distinction between various propositions; their types, value or purpose, is key. As an example, we should develop ourselves to identify pieces of information or knowledge we are taught as something accessible to us (in ordinary circumstances) or as something beyond our reach. We should know when we are being taught knowledge that is new to us and brings us out of ignorance, and that which only acts as a reminder of what we already knew to be true; through attainment or innately.

We must train ourselves to distinguish between the learning of a completely new concept, versus, the adjustment, tweaking or ‘perfection’ of a previously understood concept or held notion. This can only come through familiarity with our thoughts and minds. Among those things that may help the most in achieving this goal is time with ourselves in reflection. Regular contemplation and pondering. Being self aware. A pause before judgement and some time to truly evaluate that which we are presented with and are about to absorb, examining, as we should, whatever we consume.

This approach and practice of discernment is useful also when it comes to religion, and even in our reading of the scripture. In ways, this can organise our thoughts and give greater structure to our discussions.

There remains of course for much of what we come by (outside of divine sources) the issue of beneficial and ‘unbeneficial’ information, from the latter of which we seek refuge.

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